By Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, CWP, ACC, NBC–HWC March 2, 2018

It may sound unusual to stalk the heart of healing, since, after all, stalking and heartfelt actions are not commonly partnered. However, when people are sick and ailing, they want resolution of their suffering--no matter what it takes. "So stalking with all of its intensity and unwavering commitment is just what happens--and rather universally," says medical anthropologist and professor of Integrative Health Studies, Meg Jordan.

Dr. Jordan, who is also known as the "Global Medicine Hunter," reported on her 20-year journey throughout the world that explored where people give credit when it comes to their remarkable healing and recoveries. Dr. Jordan outlined seven distinct belief systems, some bolstered by biomedical evidence, others a mystery from non-ordinary realism.

A sought-after keynoter, international presenter, and author, Dr. Jordan spoke to an enthusiastic audience of students, faculty, staff, and the public at CIIS on March 1, 2018, kicking of the series of faculty talks celebrating the 50th anniversary of the university.

Integrative Health Studies graduate Julie Viellieu noted, "[The] presentation and knowledge of the worlds medicines and healers was very informative, educational, and thought provoking." Lissa Menge, also a graduate of the MA program, enjoyed how the presentation highlighted that there are "many different perspectives, beliefs, and traditions, yet we are united by a desire to experience profound healing."

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