By Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, CWP, ACC, NBC–HWC April 12, 2018

Ten years ago, the vision for Integrative Health Studies program was graduate change agents with the competencies, special knowledge, and professional skills to improve health and well-being for everyone.

We still hold that vision, but have noticed a additional and unexpected development. When graduates pioneer new positions in the health care profession as organizational wellness managers, health coaches, patient navigators, authors, and digital health platform managers, they then hire and promote more recent graduates. These former students tell us, "Program graduates are stand-out leaders and have the skill set and know-how needed for these positions. They stand out among other applicants."

It is our hope that this unexpected "gift" of grads supporting grads keeps on manifesting. We wish we could share every story, but here are a few examples:

Regina Akhmadullina, founder of AwareNow, has connected with Drew Wolfson and Katie Skillin Selah for her team of coaches.

Sarah O'Sullivan has hired Toni Sicola twice for her wellness program at MedAmerica. Sarah also hired Molly Hartle as a writer.

Toni Sicola connected Laura Matteliano to Livzo for consulting work, and Toni hired various graduates to Alameda Health System when she worked there. When Toni left AHS, they hired Gina Rapaport.

Preeti Rao, founder of Weljii, has hired Christine Imfeld as Associate Faculty.

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