By Dr. Michelle Marzullo March 20, 2018

Dr. Nicolle Zapien, faculty in the Human Sexuality PhD program, recently published Clinical Treatment Directions for Infidelity: A Phenomenological Framework for Understanding. The publisher, Routledge, writes: "[The book] considers the psychotherapeutic treatment of infidelity from a fresh perspective. Psychotherapy (both couples and individual) for infidelity is notoriously challenging, and clinicians tend to disagree on case conceptualizations and treatment objectives. This book approaches infidelity from a client-centered, phenomenological perspective, informed by qualitative research and social context. Essential for clinicians who work with cases of infidelity, it provides a framework and set of tools with which to approach these cases from a non-judgmental stance that helps clients glean meaning from these experiences and make conscious personal choices about how to move forward."

The book may be ordered directly from Routledge.

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