By Heidi Fraser Hageman May 1, 2015

East-West Psychology Ph.D. student Juei-Chen Chao (Lanny) co-authored "Positionality as Knowledge: From Pedagogy to Praxis" with others from the inaugural class of the Integral Teaching Fellowship at CIIS. In this article, drawing from theorists such as Paulo Freire and Bell Hooks, the authors offer a critical approach to pedagogy encouraging students and educators alike to recognize their social positionings and reflect on how the institutionalization of their social identities (such as the expert, the genius, the marginalized, the disabled) not only inform the lenses through which they view the classroom, but also influence how they participate in the classroom. 

Robert Burke, EWP M.A. alum, and current Ph.D. student, contributed to the same issue "Manifest Transpersonal Experiences: Aṇimām and Laghimā Siddhis." This article provides the notions, context, and details of how yogic potentials operate as transpersonal experiences of the body, mind, and psyche.  Click below to read the full articles:

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