March 23, 2018

On March 23-25, the American Academy of Religion, Western Region will hold their annual regional conference at The Institute of Buddhist Studies. Panelists include Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion (ESR) program doctoral students Becca Tarnas and Laura Pustarfi Reddick, presenting with CIIS student Lilly Falconer and alumni Elizabeth McAnally. Their panel is titled "Ecospiritual Ethics in Our Time."

The panel will address the multifaceted crisis (political, economic, ecological, and spiritual), calling for the development and practice of an ecological ethics rooted in both relationship and spirituality, affirming our connections to the Earth and the cosmos itself. The panel will present four potential sources to create such an ethics: the wisdom of water, relational and participatory paradigms, imagination and storytelling, and indigenous leadership.

ESR Chair Elizabeth Allison will also be presenting at the conference on her feminist ethics of care for climate change, which she developed in an essay published in the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion. ESR doctoral student Kimberly Carfore who is the co-chair of the Ecology & Religion Unit at the AAR/WR will be moderating this panel.

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