By Dr. Michelle Marzullo June 1, 2018

Summertime is often a quiet time for academics, but not for the students and faculty in our program. This June, we have students presenting at three different conferences.

If you will be at the CREGS Summer Institute, please be sure to attend student Elisabeth Bolaza's talk: "Oppressing Birth: A Discussion of Systematic Violence and Denial of Rights." If you cannot attend, you can read an interview with Elisabeth--perhaps the only place where you will read about birth, sexuality, and My Little Pony in one place. 

We also have two students presenting at the AASECT conference. In Denver, Carole Clements and Satori Madrone will be offering a ninety minute workshop: "Is the Shadow Side of Sex Positivity White Fragility and Heteronormativity?"

And last, student Bo Frank will be an invited panelist and guest speaker at the National Education Association's Racial and Social Justice Conference in Minneapolis.

We are so proud of the work our students do and even more excited when they share their passions and research with the broader community.

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