April 21, 2015

The 8th Annual Cosmology of Love Conference took place on Friday, April 17th from 12PM - 5:30PM in Namaste Hall. The event featured a keynote presentation from author and professor Craig Chalquist, along with offerings from CIIS students and alumni. This year's conference was inspired by the words of Empedocles and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin:

"At the beginning of time, Love completely dominated the universe." -Empedocles

"Love is the primal and universal energy...it represents a general property of all life, and as such it embraces all the varieties and degrees of every form successively taken by organized matter." - Teilhard de Chardin

For both empedocles and Teilhard, love is a universally active, creative potential that provides a strong binding force throughout the cosmos and involves the idea of bringing together and integrating different aspects into a larger whole. Love is vast, as are the implications and applications of its presence and power. Watch the Conference videos.

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