By Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, CWP, ACC, NBC–HWC October 3, 2018

Our program faculty are wonderful about giving lectures and workshops that share their passion and expertise with general audiences. We hope you will attend one of these events if you can, or watch this space for future dates.

There is a paradox in coaching: your clients look to you as an expert, yet as a health coach your job is to encourage them to be their own experts. Dr. Meg Jordan was at the University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality and Healing on October 18, leading workshops that explored this paradox and offer integrative startegies for resolving it.

Dr. Natalie Metz led another fantastic conversation for CIIS's Public Programs on October 26. Dr. Metz was in conversation with clinical neuropsychologist Mario Martinez about how our cultural beliefs are more powerful than our genes in influencing health and well-being.

On November 29 at San Francisco's Climate One/Commonwealth Club, Leslie Davenport, MFT, will be discussing how human psychology is one of the biggest obstacles to greater understanding and action on climate change. Ms. Davenport teaches guided imagery for our program, but this talk will showcase another facet of her research.

Dr. Jordan and Dr. Metz, along with program graduate Meckell Miburn, MA, and CIIS faculty member Dr. Janis Phelps, will be featured speakers at a symposium on January 6, 2019, hosted by the Bay Area's Touro University. All will be talking about their passions: Dr. Jordan will discuss health coaching, Dr. Metz will present on integrative nutrition, Mx. Milburn will lead a session on mindfulness and optimal well-being, and Dr. Phelps will conduct a plenary on the use of psychedelics in health care.

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