By Jeff Aitken November 25, 2019

CIIS Drama Therapy students, faculty, and alumni converged at the landmark 40th annual NADTA Conference in Philadelphia in November.

Students from all current Drama Therapy cohorts attended, and 30 CIIS presenters gave conference workshops and events, including our Theatre for Change troupe performing an updated 2019 version of Consent, Dissent, Reinvent.

CIIS Drama Therapy Program Presentations:

 Current Students

-LatinX Experience performance with Ramon Guitart, Kay Franco, Angus Moore, Uriel Wolfe-Blank and others

-Drama Therapy and Film to Teach Life Skills in Transition Programs poster presentation by Faith Von Minden

-The Case for Addressing Conditioned Beliefs in Macropopulations using Resiliency-Based Practices poster presentation by Bryan Ritchey


-Couples and Drama Therapy Panel by Chia-Ning Chang and Merry Ross with others

-Radical Refuge: Drama Therapy & Mindfulness to Heal Complex Trauma by Kristen Brookes

-Playing with Languages: Learning from Non-English Speaking Clients by Diana Chu and Chia-Ning Chang

-Geriatric Practice: Where are we now? Where are we headed? What can the future hold? By Kari Rogenski and others

-40 Untold and Kinda Messy Drama Therapy Stories: A Performance by Elyssa Kreimendahl and others

-2 Women, 2 Stories (a performance) by Merry Ross

-Drama Therapy with Incarcerated Populations: Past, Present, & Future by Lynn Baker-Neumann, Marianne Shine, and others


-Wholeness and Parts: Navigating Layers and Tensions in our Intersectional Identities by Gary Raucher

-Stories from the Field: A Playback Theatre Performance by Armand Volkas and Living Arts Playback Theatre Ensemble including CIIS graduates/performers: Kholoud Nasser, Rebecca Siegel, Laurel Elliott, and current student Geno Creese

The Neighborly Project: Public Interventions Toward Community Mental Health at the Intersections by Deborah French Frisher

And faculty, students, and two graduates in Theatre for Change's production of Consent, Dissent, Reinvent: Renée Emunah, Catherine Debon, Geno Creese, Tara Metcalf, Daphne Ong, Kate Olson, Christian Harris, Bryan Ritchey, Mizi Samuels-Waithe, Samira Sheahan, Angus Moore

AND FINALLY: at the conference-wide awards ceremony, Renée Emunah was honored by the North American Drama Therapy Association with an Excellence in Teaching award.

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