By Judie Wexler March 24, 2019

Dear Community,

For the last year, we have been celebrating the 50th anniversary of CIIS’ founding. We began with a party and alumni gatherings at our Mission Street campus, and we end with a reception on April 6th at the new Salesforce tower in San Francisco. These have been opportunities to reflect on our mission and ideals as we look ahead to preparing students and alumni for life in this century.

Embedded within the CIIS culture—stated in our mission and reflected in our education philosophy and ideals—is a commitment to “service to individuals, communities, and the earth.” We seek to build a better world and to help our students find the inner resources they will need to do challenging work in tumultuous times.

I am privileged to be leading a community of creative thinkers, asking difficult questions about meaning, health, and well-being. We know that our students will be graduating into a world and careers that will ask new things of them, some of which we cannot even currently envision.

Progress and Perseverance

The complex, rapidly changing, dissonant world environment that forms the context of 2019 requires that we consider the big questions about being human and our responsibilities to the planet and to the full range of people who live on it.

Our faculty, staff, alumni, and students are making an impact, both locally and globally. Expansion of our weekend, low-residency, and online programs makes it possible for more people to study here. We have made real progress on our aspirational initiatives: continuously assessing and improving undergraduate and graduate education; serving the public through our clinics and community activities; expanding our global reach; and making our community more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

We continue to lay the foundation for a secure future through diligent fiscal responsibility and upgrades to systems and processes. Thoughtful planning and assessment of our buildings and technology all contribute to ensuring that CIIS continues to be strong, agile, and resilient.



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