By Francisco Gomez July 14, 2017

CIIS is a community of people with different backgrounds and sexual orientations who stand together. During these toxic political times, it is important to remind every member of our community--students, staff, faculty, and alums--that they are appreciated and validated.

Pride is a time where we can stand next to our LGBTQIA friends and show that CIIS welcomes diversity with open arms. The SF Pride Parade marks a collective effort to show the love that radiates from the community and our commitment to resistance and an education that speaks to important issues that affect our lives.

Francisco Gomez, Registrar Coordinator

At CIIS, we will not stay quiet--we will let the world know that our community has Pride!

“I love CIIS for making a presence and showing that we value diversity,” said incoming master’s student Exie Adams. “We are always there when our fellow peers need us, standing by their side.”

“This year, CIIS joined the SF Pride Parade with an exuberant contingent in celebration of our campus diversity and impassioned commitment to the rights of LGBTQ+ people,” said Denise Boston, CIIS Dean of Diversity and Inclusion. "We'll be out there every year in support, whatever it takes."

To those who were able to make it this year, we thank you. For those who couldn't, we welcome you to attend next year.

Our beautiful CIIS/ACTCM contingent

Photos courtesy of Ana Maria Hurtado

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