By Ashton Kohl Arnoldy July 30, 2018

Brian Swimme is set to speak in Santa Monica on August 11th  for an ongoing conversation series on pluralism titled "Eco-Justice: Equity and Wellbeing in an Ecological Age." Other panelists include John B. Cobb Jr., Devorah Brous, and Philip Clayton—moderatred by Joseph Prabhu. Tickets cost $15, $10 for students and seniors.

On the heels of that panel, Brian will speak on August 12th for The Southern CA Committee for a Parliament of the World Religions event, "Sharing Our Stories: Celebrating Harmony in Our Broken World." Held at the Santa Monica Baha'i Center, the intergenerational, interfatih event serves as a space for healing through the sharing of personal stories. The event will be comprised of 14 workshops along with keynote speeches by Swimme and Creative Visions production company founder, Kathy Eldon.

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