March 2, 2015


The work of Dr. Allan Leslie Combs, Director of Consciousness Studies in the Transformative Studies department was recently featured in the Epoch Times.

In “A Place for Consciousness Studies in Academia? Professor Helps Pave the Way,” Professor Combs talks about an emerging new world view and with it, an increased sense not only of sentience, but also of interconnectedness, also emphasizing the word “community.”

The article cites CIIS as “ an example of an academic environment in which ‘alternative’ ideas are given a serious hearing.”

Dr. Combs is co-editor of the Journal of Conscious Evolution, and president and founder of the Society for Consciousness Studies, which has 150 members including Deepak Chopra.

“Beyond Science” collects stories about phenomena to stimulate the imagination and open up previously undreamed of possibilities.

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