March 12, 2015

PCC Masters student Abeer Desai has organized a new student group aimed at putting big ideas into action. The group, called Impact @ CIIS, is dedicated to bringing entrepreneurial rigor to the creative visions of the PCC community. "We create a safe space to share progress, ask for help, and receive peer-supported training on critical business skills," says Abeer.

By actively workshoping member projects, the group is taking direct action to turn ideas into reality. How are ideas validated? What are effective ways to track website performance? What are all the pieces that go into a digital marketing strategy? What are funding and growth options? With a background in business and marketing, Abeer is well situated to bring together entrepreneurs from around the school to engage with these questions and build conscious business strategies. 

Impact @ CIIS is open to all in the CIIS community and has already received an overwhlemingly positive response. After just two meetings, projects are already being put into action, says Abeer, so "bring your thinking caps and creative socks as we determine the best structure to support each other and equip ourselves to establish the necessary emotional and analytical skills to integrate a life of prosperity into a life of purpose."

Visit the Impact @ CIIS blog for meeting notes and times   >>

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