By Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, CWP, ACC May 5, 2017

This year the capstone class, Integrative Seminar, encouraged students to create their professional, unique contribution to the field of integrative health and wellness coaching. Look over these titles, and you will get an idea of the passionate pursuits that were fully researched, backed by evidence, and crafted into curricula, workshops, trainings.

  • Regina Akhmadullina | You are The Expert of Your Own Life: Overcoming the Impostor Phenomenon
  • Christine Binko | Presence for Parents: A Twelve-Week Curriculum Teaching Mindfulness and Autism Acceptance to Parents
  • Eliza Butler | Six Practices to Live (and Love!) Where Your Feet Are: A Theory-Based Intervention
  • Anna Davies | An Early Intervention Program Design for Promoting Social Engagement in Children with Autism, Ages 3-5, with Dance and Movement
  • Patricia Fitzpatrick | Face and Fanny Fitness: An Exercise Program for Pelvic Floor Strengthening
  • Brooke Griffin | Uplift Your Home, Enrich Your Life: An Integrative Health Approach to Home Organizing and Life Transformation
  • Jenny Harrow | EcoCoaching: An Integrative Health Coaching Model of Forest Bathing
  • Kirinroop Carolina Israel | Paradigm-Shifting Towards Whole Person Care: A Holistic and Cooperative Leadership Training
  • Michaele Kruger | Letting the Mother Unfold: Enhanced Support and Integrative Care for Women and Families During the Postpartum Period
  • Kayleigh Martin | Refueling the Body of Passion and Purpose
  • Lissa Menge | Full-Expression Living: Empowering Women with Bodily Distress through Focusing-Oriented Art and Mind-Body Interventions
  • Susanna Merlo | Inner Reshaping Through the Rhythms of Music in Nature
  • Jody O'Connor | Holistic Modalities for Teens with Chronic Illness: An Online Community and Resource
  • Angela Omulepu | Reiki to the People: Healing Ourselves Whole, A Pathway to Collective Transformation
  • Jessica Pastore | Resourcing from Within: An Embodied Approach to Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Mackenzie Pike | Un-Cage the Primal Spirit Through Movement with the Earth
  • Gina Rapaport | True Nourishment: Self-Discovery and Mindful Eating Programs for Women Who Identify as Chronic Dieters
  • Bridget Sipe | Reclaiming Mental Well-being: From Smoke and Mirrors to New Narratives and Integration
  • Erin Sweeney | Unwrapping the Cord of Oppression and Finding Hope
  • Rachel Valenzuela-Ours | Queer Conception and Fertility Care: An Integrative Eight-Session Curriculum
  • Julie Viellieu | Follow Your Gut: Your Guide to Long-Term Health
  • Raquel Villarreal | Family Health Coaching: Healing Diabesity in Latino and African-American Urban Youth

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