By Heidi Fraser Hageman May 8, 2015

This past semester two new student groups have formed, born of the inspiration from EWP students.

Tiana Cicco, EWP M.A. with the class of 2015, founded the group "Envisioning Utopia."      

The group explores a collective brainstorm on what ideal future utopias will look like so that humans can start moving toward these visions today in a clear and informed way.

EWP Ph.D.c Ryan "Indigo" Warman  has also been busy spearheading a new group: a student chapter of the Network of Spiritual Progressives. NSP seeks to transform the materialist and corporate-dominated society into a caring society through consciousness  raising, advocacy, and public awareness campaigns that promote a "New Bottom Line" based on generosity, peace, and social transformation. 





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