December 20, 2019

It is with great pleasure that CIIS’ Women’s Spirituality program is endorsing "Priestess Convocation 2020 - The Great Remembering" to be held October 2–8, 2020, in Crete.  

This inspirational and highly anticipated conference brings together , for the first time in 5,000 years—Priestesses from all over the world to co-create the power and beauty it takes to make deep change.

With an expected 500 Priestesses and Priests from around the world in attendance, this seven-day gathering offers a rich set of opportunities to participate in ceremony, dialogue, presentations, art, music, dance, local explorations, and co-creation to empower the Priestesses and revitalize the Motherworld Vision for the Globe. 

As the convocation organizers remark: “We are all in this time of remembering… Those of us who have been feeling the shifts and changes, and have been a little confused by them, can now understand that we are all being prepared.  And when we come together in Crete in 2020, some very deep and ancient ‘codes’ of Being will be remembered by us all.” 

Professor Mara Lynn Keller, who along with a number of Women’s Spirituality students, alumni, faculty, and friends will be attending the convocation, underscores:

“Freedom of religion, for those who worship Goddess, is a social justice issue! Discrimination against the worship of Goddess, as if it were authorized by a higher power, is not acceptable. The envisioned Motherworld seeks spiritual love, eco-social justice, gender equality, peace, and well-being for all.”

In conjunction with the Global Priestess Convocation, in Fall 2020, she is offering two courses (open to all): “Goddesses and Priestesses of Matricultural Crete” (2 units online); and “Sacred Arts & Rituals of Ancient Crete” (1 unit F2F). For more information contact

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