By Cosmin Gheorghe February 3, 2020

"Card Decks are powerful analog tools that can help an individual or a team to playfully engage with design thinking and innovation process and concepts, leading to transformative change at personal or collective levels.”

Holly Truitt and Elysa Fenenbock are two fascinating thought leaders with a solid sense of humor and a very elegant way of assembling information, images and possibilities into a beautiful, wholesome puzzle.

The Expressive Arts department at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) hosted on January 17, 2020 Elysa and Holly's Shuffle the Deck, a pop-out course out of the Stanford's

The Shuffle the Deck Workshop is:

  • an opportunity for instructors, professors, teams to play with new content;
  • a way of teaching participants to play with new content, prototype and rapidly iterate; 
  • at the intersection of design thinking and design process and focusing on navigating ambiguity and designing one’s own work method. 
  • based on using the model of Tarot cards to reimagine countless decks and guides, such as  IDEO’s Method Deck.

Holly Truitt  is a social innovation expert who helps organizations catalyze community-based change

Elysa Fenenbock is a former IDEO (and current Google Artist in Residence) designer who applies the medicine of creativity to projects at the intersection of design, art, and education.

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