December 20, 2013

In celebration of our fifth year in residence at CIIS we launched a new, dedicated art space called AREA 5, where we held workshops, classes and art exhibitions. It is designed as a multiuse, open, creative space that can be transformed from visual arts studio into dance studio (complete with Marley floor and mirrored walls) in minutes. In addition to regular classes, AREA 5 is home to an ongoing series of DIY workshops in media and video with artist Neil Freese, as well as workshops ¬featuring guest speakers and mentors in art, technology, and consciousness studies. For example, artist, MFA student, and Certified InterPlay Leader, Coke Nakamoto, led a workshop called Writing from the Body. These free workshops and more will pick up again in the spring, with more urgent preparations for our 11-second video festival.

The rest of CIIS is discovering AREA 5, too. It's home to the Anthropology and Social Change department's Emergency Library, yoga, and regular staff and faculty mixers.

AREA 5 is open when CIIS is open. Please feel free to use the space for your work. You can check the calendar on Google Calender (CIIS Area 5) to see when the studio space is reserved, or reserve it yourself through Ahmunet Jordon, program coordinator.


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