Susan Wooley Susan Woolley

Assistant Professor of Educational Studies and LGBTQ Studies, Colgate University

Susan Wooley is an Assistant Professor of Educational Studies and LGBTQ Studies at Colgate University. Wooley has taught LGBTQ, gender, and sexuality studies classes at U.C. Berkeley and Colgate University since 2007. Wooley's dissertation research is based on a three-year ethnography Wooley carried out in a Northern California high school looking at student and teacher interventions to address anti-LGBTQ bias in school. Wooley's work focuses on gay-straight alliances, teacher curricular and pedagogical interventions, and peer education. Wooley asks questions about silence, representation, visibility, and dialogue around LGBTQ lives and identities, communities and belonging. Wooley's research has been published in TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, Journal of Language and Sexuality, and Anthropology and Education Quarterly.

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