Lexus Phillips Lexus Phillips

Comparative Women's Studies and Sociology Student, Spelman College

Lexus Phillips is a Comparative Women's Studies major/Sociology minor from Memphis, with a passion for social justice. A junior at Spelman College in Atlanta, Lexus has been an influential member of Afrekete, the LGBTQ organization on campus. As an executive board member of Afrekete, Lexus has played a role in the planning and execution of various events on Spelman's campus that advocate for the equality and inclusion of LGBTQ students.  Lexus' social justice work has extended beyond campus into the Atlanta area through SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW, a nonprofit organization centered around reproductive justice for the LGBTQ community and women of color.  Upon the completion of her Spelman experience, Lexus hopes to work as a community organizer in Atlanta and Memphis to facilitate growth and obtain resources for women of color and LGBTQ youth of color. She sees the work she does not just as a career for herself, but a lifelong calling and commitment to the advancement of equality, peace, and unconditional love.

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