Olivia Murray Olivia Murray

Associate Professor, Portland State University

Olivia Murray is an Associate Professor at Portland State University. Murray holds a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership with endorsements in Special Education and English Language Development. Prior to earning their Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction, Murray served as an Education and Community Resource Volunteer with the U.S. Peace Corps in South Africa. Murray recently published a book called Queer Inclusion in Teacher Education, which explores the promise of queer-inclusive pedagogy and curriculum in teacher education by: 1.) offering a new molding of literature and an original queer inclusion in education framework; 2.) examining findings from two current research studies (how teacher candidates engage with queer phenomena and how teacher educators "queer" their practice) including anecdotes of the paradoxical nature of personal identity in the teaching profession; and 3.) providing curricular entry points and substantive activities and resources for faculty development and teacher educator use in a queer-inclusive classroom.

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