Marnie FLorin Marnie Florin

Global Process Manager, Google

Marnie Florin, who identifies as gender neutral and goes by the pronoun "ze" or "they," created their first LGBTQ training as a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa. Marnie then worked for the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center, where ze organized and canvassed for gay marriage. After coming out as gender neutral at Columbia Business School, Marnie realized that their peers were a bit confused and had many questions. Marnie created a Transgender 101 training, which now occurs annually. After graduating with an MBA in Operations, Marnie began work as a Global Process Manager at Google. While at Google, Marnie and their colleague adapted Marnie's Transgender 101 session into a Trans@Google Training that has now been given to over 1000 employees across the world. Marnie will be presenting a revised version of this training and offers similar sessions to external companies and organizations.

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