John Briggs

John Briggs, holds a PhD in aesthetics and psychology from the Union Institute and University, an MA in Literature from NYU. He has written for years on the subjects of creativity and creative process in science and the arts, authoring and co-authoring several well-known books on chaos, fractals and creativity, including Fire in the Crucible (St. Martin's), Fractals: The Patterns of Chaos (Simon & Schuster) Looking Glass Universe (Simon & Schuster) and Turbulent Mirror (HarperCollins). Former senior editor of Connecticut Review, he guest edited the spring 2015 issue of About Place on the subject of "the Primal Paradox." He is a fine art photographer with a recent book of photographs, Curtains, windows on the unreality we live in. His stories and poems have appeared in numerous literary publications. He is an emeritus Distinguished Professor at Western Connecticut State University and a Fellow at the Black Earth Institute.

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