In this time of global environmental crisis, we are invited to deeply inquire into ourselves. We are called to understand our connections with all life as well the hidden aspects of our own minds that determine our perceptions, thoughts, and behavior. Research into consciousness from both scientific and humanities perspectives provides clues for moving toward reconnecting ourselves within the natural world. We seek to explore connections between consciousness studies, depth psychology, and ecology.

This conference will bring together speakers on topics ranging from the roots of human experience in our conscious and unconscious minds, to the exploration of animal minds, the psychology of climate change, and the Earth Wisdom of diverse cultures, as well as dance and music. See full session descriptions here.

This conference is underwritten by the CIIS Center for Consciousness Studies and The Society for Consciousness Studies, with additional generous support by Navin and Pratima Doshi.

Conference Details

Monday & Tuesday, May 23 & 24, 2016


Registration Details

Before April 11: $225
Before May 2: $250
After May 2: $275

ONE DAY: $175

Conference Schedule

See full session descriptions here.

Namaste Hall
Breakout Room
9:00am Opening and Welcome
9:15am Creativity and Destruction with Brian Swimme


Planetary Consciousness and Humanity's Destiny with Menas Kafatos
10:15am Recovering the Earth Mind with John Briggs
10:45am Break
11:00am TBD with Purushottama Bilimoria
11:30am Gaia and a Second Axial Age with Sean Kelly


Cultivating Resilience for Addressing Ecological Change with Elizabeth Allison

12:30pm Lunch The Current Revolution in Soundscape Ecology with Emerson Gale
1:00pm Lunch Exploring Awareness through Contact Improvisation with Daniel Deslauriers and Kerry McKee
2:00pm Dreaming in Sacred Sites: A Content Analysis of Dream Reports with Stanley Krippner
2:30pm Thus Spoke the Sages: Ayurveda on Environment and Dharma with Acharya Shunya Pratichi Mathur
3:00pm The Psychological Depths of Climate Change with Jeffrey Kiehl
3:30pm Break
3:45pm Hidden in Plain Sight: How Storytelling and the Arts Leave a Trail of Clues to the Deeper Nature of Consciousness with Nick Day
4:15pm Heart in the Trees: Sustainable Education for Children with Debby Flickinger
4:45pm Art, Vision, and the Embrace of Ecological Consciousness with Jennifer Wells
5:15pm Beyond Help? Psychoanalytic Thought and the Environmental Crisis with Robin Brown
5:45pm Closing
7:30pm "Embracing the Earth" A One-Woman Improvisation Written and Performed by Jovelyn Richards
Namaste Hall
Breakout Room
9:00am Opening and Welcome
9:15am Improvisatory Ecologies: Music, Creativity, Consciousness, Sustainability with Ed Sarath


Restoring the Earth to the Center of Our Universe with Richard Tarnas
10:15am Existential Crisis and Psycho-Social Transformation with Asoka Bandarage
10:45am Break
11:00am Radical Embodiment for Navigating Deep States of Consciousness with Glenn Hartelius
11:30am Furthering an Ecology of Mind by Embracing Quantum Inseparability with Mel Schwartz


Ile' Mo Ku O: Earth I Greet You: Black Gods of Nature Saving Black Lives with J. Phoenix Smith

12:30pm Lunch The Body as an Embedded and Co-relational Reciprocity with Nature and Cosmos with Barbara Karlson
2:00pm Big Dreams, Ayahuasca, and Personal Transformation with Frank Echenhofer
2:30pm Eugene Taylor, Rudolf Steiner, Paraphilosophy, and Earth with Robert McDermott
3:00pm Imagination as Green Gateway to Animate World with Geneen Marie Haugen
3:30pm Break
3:45pm The Ecology of Consciousness of Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi with Nikos Yiangou
4:15pm On the Fringe of Creation and Destruction with Fariba Bogzaran
4:45pm Environmental Melancholia: Uncovering our Reparative Capacities with Renee Lertzman
5:15pm Narratives of Abstract Phenomena in the Age of Multiple Media with Kentyah Fraser Mindful Media - Consciously Programming the Future with Magdalena
5:45pm Closing


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