By Heidi Fraser Hageman December 1, 2016

At the invitation of East-West Psychology PhDc Masoud Aref Nazari, EWP faculty Dr. Jorge N. Ferrer, along with Chilean transpersonal psychotherapist Natalia Barahona Noseda, held a seminar and a workshop for Iranian psychologists in May 2016 entitled “Transpersonal Psychology: An Integral Psychology for the 21 st Century.” During the event, Dr. Ferrer lectured on the history of transpersonal psychology and its main contributions to the field of psychology, and facilitated interactive meditation practices. Ms. Barahona Noseda spoke on therapeutic process in transpersonal psychology and the distinguishing features of the transpersonal psychotherapist. The workshop received very positive evaluations from participants and was successful in bringing attention to the field of transpersonal psychology in Iran. The seminar represented the first introduction of transpersonal psychology in the Middle East.

Masoud Aref Nazari was the chair of the psychology department in a prestigious university in Tehran (Iran) before he left in 2009 to study at CIIS. The transformative nature of studies in EWP brought him to a new understanding of psychology, self, and the world. Since then, he has been committed to bring what he learned at CIIS to the younger generation pf psychologists in Iran. With his coursework at CIIS finished in 2011, Masoud founded the NikaramPsychological Center in Tehran, the first transpersonally oriented psychological center in Iran. There he trained several cohorts of students as transpersonal psychologists with much success and decided to open Iran’s Transpersonal Psychology Portal to introduce Transpersonal Studies to a larger audience in his country.  

Although transpersonal psychology is quite new in Iran, the workshop with Dr. Ferrer and Natalia created a buzz and was sold out a week before the event took place. The weekend workshop interwove theoretical lecture and experiential practices, thus providing an exemplar of CIIS/EWP integral transformative education.  

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