By Jessica Paden July 31, 2017

In mid-July, CIIS East-West Psychology Professor Jorge Ferrer presented the work of Dr. Brian Swimme to a wall-to-wall audience at the prestigious Virreina Palace in Barcelona, Spain.

Dr. Brian Swimme professor in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness department, is the host of the Emmy award-winning film The Journey of the Universe, and the co-author of a book by the same title. Ferrer's presentation marked the premiere of both the film and the recently published Spanish translation of the book, which was co-authored with Mary Evelyn Tucker, a Yale University Senior Lecturer and Research Scholar.

Ferrer presented The Journey of the Universe to a crowd that filled the Barcelona venue to capacity; the film was extremely well-received.

"Brian kindly prepared a short video clip for the occasion, which was presented and simultaneously translated at the event before the screening of the movie," said Ferrer. "From the ensuing dialogue, I can say with certainty that it struck a deep chord in the audience." 

The event was co-organized by the Ecosophic Greenhouse in association with the MA in Holistic Training for Eco-Social Transformation, University of Girona.

The Journey of the Universe is a narration of the epic story of the universe's development from an integrated perspective, creating a cosmology that weaves together science and humanities. This integrated cosmology provides a way to guide humans into the next period of creative and profound relations between humans and earth.

In 2011, The Journey of the Universe won an Emmy in Northern California for best documentary film.

Ferrer also teaches in the Integral Transpersonal Psychology and Integral Counseling Psychology programs.

Jessica Paden is an MA student in the Somatic Psychology program.

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