By Gail Mallimson March 8, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO - Building on recent findings that psilocybin has overwhelmingly positive psychological results when administered to patients with life-threatening cancer, CIIS will host two psychedelic research luminaries at a lecture event at the Unitarian Universalist Church in San Francisco. William Richards, STM, PhD from Johns Hopkins University and Anthony Bossis, PhD from NYU will explore the potentially transformative experiences of love and transcendence that frequently emerge in psilocybin research sessions, and the impact these experiences have in cultivating compassion and promoting healing.

The event will be hosted and moderated by Dr. Janis Phelps, founder and director of CIIS' Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research (CPTR) in San Francisco. The Center trains mental health and medical professionals to treat patients with PTSD, end of life anxiety, addiction, and other disorders in clinical studies using psychedelic medicine. CPTR also hosts public events such as the one on March 25th that explore the use of psychedelic-assisted therapies with patients.

The field of psychedelic-assisted therapy is a new one, and has produced remarkable results in clinical studies. In January, the FDA approved the first large-scale studies using the psychedelic medicine MDMA to treat patients with PTSD. "The therapeutic use of these drugs is groundbreaking and significantly different from recreational use. A great deal of work is done to build a therapeutic alliance between the therapist and patient. There's also multiple sessions with a therapist afterwards to integrate the material that came forward for them during the session itself." explains Dr. Phelps. Last year CIIS trained 41 professionals who are can apply for work and further training in clinical studies with psychedelic medicine. Nine graduates from the program are already working in the research field, and 52 physicians, nurses, clergy, chaplains, psychiatrists, and psychologists are currently studying in the program.

Information about the event, bios of Dr. Richards and Dr. Bossis, and tickets can be found on CIIS' website. Related Links: CPTR Video, About the Certificate in Psychedelic-Related Therapies and Research.

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About the Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research
Founded in 2015 by CIIS professor Dr. Janis Phelps, the Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research trains licensed or license-eligible therapists and clinicians, as well as, ordained ministers in using psychedelic-assisted therapies to treat a number of medical and mental health issues. Graduates of the certificate will have the competency skills to guide patients through expanded access and background in research protocols to participate in clinical trials. Learn more about the center here.

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