Partnering to improve mental health access and education across cultures.

The China Projects Initiative at California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS) offers an exciting new dimension to integral education, East/West dialogue, social consciousness, and mental health development.

Responding to China's growing need for experts in counseling psychology, CIIS has, since 2015, extended its community to bring together Chines students and professionals and U.S. psychology faculty, through a series of certificate programs, lectures and workshops, academic exchange, and social outreach.

"Psychology is new to China, and as such there is little education for those interested in the field and little training for those who wish to become counselors. CIIS, because of its founding East-meets-West tradition, leading-edge research, gifted faculty, and commitment to producing clinical practitioners, is fast becoming a model for others to adapt." (Lixin Huang, Vice President, China Projects)

Thanks to the generosity and support of Michael Guanjun Li and Eadie Hua Chen, CIIS is thrilled to announce the official opening of its Beijing Office in September 2018. Their $500,000 donation will allow the China Projects Initiative to grow in its effort to transform the lives of Chinese individuals and communities.

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