2017-18 Tuition and Fees

For information on financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (415) 575-6122 or at finaid@ciis.edu. Tuition and fees are subject to change each semester.

Undergraduate Division Students
Per Unit $809
Package Price (12–18 units) $9,702
(Package price does not include units taken in audit status.)
Master’s Division Students
Per Unit $1,142
MCP 7603: Pre/Post-Practicum $59
Thesis Proposal Writing or Completion $2,616
Thesis Seminar $2,616
EXA 6970: Expressive Arts Therapy and Movement and Metaphor Therapy $262
EXA 6971: Expressive Arts Therapy and Poetry Therapy $262
EXA 6972: Expressive Arts Therapy and Beginning Sandplay Therapy $262
EXA 6973: Expressive Arts Therapy and Dreams $262
EXA 6974: Music and Dance for Social Change in South Africa and Beyond $262
EXA 6975: Expressive Remix Workshop: Using Digital Media Art as a Therapeutic Intervention $262
(EXA Courses offered above are subject to change)  
Doctoral Division Students
Per Unit $1,320
Clinical Psychology

Dissertation Continuance


Full-Time Internship


Half-Time Internship



School of Consciousness and Transformation

Comprehensive Examination


Dissertation Proposal Writing or Completion


Dissertation Seminar


Transformative Inquiry Dissertation Completion Support


Transformative Inquiry Learning Community


Transformative Inquiry Proposal Support



$495 per unit

DAOM Tuition

$4,782 per term

ACTCM Student Audit

$150 per unit

ACTCM Alumni Audit

$125 per unit

ACTCM Herbal Sample Fee

$199 one time fee

ACTCM Malpractice Insurance Fee

TBD per term

ACTCM DAOM Capstone Completion Fee(if applicable,see course description of AOM 9951 for further details)

TBD per term

ACTCM DAOM Clinical Externship Completion Fee ( if applicable, see course description of AOM 9941 for further details)

TBD per term
Special Students (nonmatriculated)
Per Unit Based on division rates
Students (per unit) $320
Special Students (per unit) $320
Special Students Who Are Alumni (per unit) $163
Public Programs Classes
For Academic Credit Based on school/division rates
Not For Academic Credit Rate advertised to public
Fees (All fees are Nonrefundable)
Admissions Fees
Application Fee $65
Enrollment Deposit (applied to tuition charges) $300
Graduation Application Fees
Graduation Application Fee $90
Thesis/Dissertation Publication Fee—Traditional $195
Thesis/Dissertation Publication Fee—Open Access $290
Certificate Completion $30
Payment Fees
Deferred Tuition Payment Plan $50
Late Deferred Payment Installment Fee $25
Late Tuition Payment Fee $110
Registration Fees (per semester)
Registration Fee $85/per semester
Late Registration Fee $150
Technology Fee $75/per semester
Student Wellness Fee $55/per semester
Registration Maintenance



Master's or Doctoral (except ACTCM CIIS)

Course Fees or Retreat Accommodations Fees
BIS 1455 Ecopsychology $146
EWP 6000: East-West Psych Community Retreat TBD
Clinical Psychology (PsyD) Fall New Student Retreat at IONS

Fall 2017 Single Occupancy (Payable upon approval of PsyD Program Manager)


Fall 2017 Double Occupancy

Integral Counseling Psychology Weekend Program Retreat

Double Occupancy


Single Occupancy available

TBD supplement

Day Use Only

Available for a TBD credit
MCPI 5604: Group Dynamics

Double Occupancy


Single Occupancy

Available for a TBD supplement
SOM Retreat TBD
SOM Retreat 2 TBD
PARP 6748: Nature and Eros TBD
PARP 6416: The Texture of Time TBD
PDT 7700: Integrative Seminar
(Varies per student; contact program for information.)
TLD 6555 or TSD 6555: Residential Intensive

Double Occupancy


Single Occupancy

Available for a $690 Supplement
Integral Transpersonal Psychology: Residential Seminar
          Double Occupancy $1,650
          Single Occupancy
Available for a $350 Supplement
WKS 097 Ecology of Awakening (Payable to CIIS Public Programs. Additional accommodations available for an increased fee) $60
Service Fees
Change of Degree Program Fee $100
Returned-Check Fee $30
Diploma or Transcript Apostille Fee $50
ID Card Replacement Fee $10
Transcript Fee (per transcript) 

Electronic Transcript


Hard Copy Transcript


Hard Copy Rush


Hard Copy Bulk Rate—(ten transcripts or more to one destination:not available for Rush Service)


Payment Policies

Payment Methods

CIIS accepts payments by cash, check, money order (made out to “CIIS”), or credit card (VISA and MasterCard). To make a payment online, log on to MyCIIS at and click the “eBiz” tab.

Payment Deadlines

Tuition and fees are charged upon registration and are due at that time. Financial aid recipients whose aid covers only a portion of the total charges must pay the balance at the time of registration. Any balance that will be covered by aid should not be paid in advance. Students seeking exceptions to this deadline should contact the Financial Aid Office at least one week prior to registration.

Deferred Payment Plan

The Deferred Payment Plan allows students to pay their total semester charges in equal installments. A $50 fee is charged for this service. The installment payment due dates are as follows:


Installment Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Summer 2018
First Sep 1 Jan 24 Jun 6
Second Oct 2 Feb 26 Jul 6
Final Nov 4 Mar 26 N/A


Installment Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Summer 2018
First Sep 13 Jan 17 May 15
Second Oct 13 Feb 20 Jun 15
Final Nov 13 Mar 19 N/A

A $50 fee is added to the student’s account each time an installment is not paid by its due date. The Deferred Payment Plan is not available to registrants who are not admitted to a CIIS academic program (i.e., Special Students).

Late Payment Fees

The following late payment fees are applied to students who have an outstanding balance on the following dates:


Late payment Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Summer 2018
$110 Sep 4 Jan 26 Jun 8
$50 Oct 5 Feb 27 Jul 9
$50 Nov 6 Mar 28 N/A


Late payment Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Summer 2018
$110 Sep 13 Jan 17 May 15
$50 Oct 13 Feb 20 Jun 15
$50 Nov 13 Mar 19 N/A

Refund Deadlines

One hundred percent of a course’s tuition charge is reversed if it is withdrawn from on or before the Add/Drop Deadline. Seventy-five percent is reversed if it is withdrawn from through the third week of the semester. Fifty percent is reversed if it is withdrawn from through the seventh week (the fifth week for summer). No percentage is reversed for courses withdrawn from after the seventh week (the fifth week for summer). Refer to the “Academic Calendar” for the specific deadlines. These deadlines apply regardless of the actual start and end dates of the course.

For students who received any form of federal financial aid, the amount that will be returned to the financial aid programs is determined by federal guidelines and may be different than the amount calculated by CIIS’s refund policy. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information about this calculation.

All fees are nonrefundable. This includes the registration fee, which is not be refunded even if all courses are dropped or withdrawn from.

Refunds Granted after Refund Deadlines—Financial Petition Process

Students who believe they have extenuating circumstances warranting a credit, refund, or adjustment of tuition and/or fees may present a petition to the Financial Petition Committee (FPC). The Financial Petition form is available from the Registrar’s Office and on MyCIIS.

The FPC considers a request only if all of the following are in place: 1) The student experienced a serious extenuating circumstance beyond his or her control; and 2) the student includes an explanation of this circumstance along with supporting documentation; this documentation becomes the property of CIIS and will not be returned; and 3) if petitioning to receive a reversal of a tuition charge, the associated course has been dropped or withdrawal from; and 4) the petition is submitted within 90 calendar days of the last day of the semester in which the charge was incurred.

The petition and its its attachments will remain confidential and be seen only by members of FPC, which is composed of representatives from the following offices: Academic Affairs, Dean of Student , Registrar, Business and Financial Aid. The FPC may, with the petitioner's permission, consult with any faculty, staff, students, or other parties, who may have relevant information. The FPC may request additional supporting materials from the student, or , if the student consents, from  other parties. The student is not present when FPC meets. The FPC issues its decision within 30 calendar days of receiving all documentation, informs the student and any Institute personnel who need to take action to implement the decision, and places documentation of the petition and the decision in the student's file maintained in the Registrar's Office.

The decision of the FPC is final. Reconsideration is granted only if significant information not contain in the original petition becomes available. Students do, however, have the option of seeking further consideration of a petition through the CIIS General Student Complaint Procedure.


Please contact the Business Office for more information at 415.575.6132 or by email at businessoffice@ciis.edu.

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