The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies is a liberal arts degree that guides students in the development of critical reading, writing, and thinking skills through a core curriculum that draws primarily from the humanities and social sciences. It exposes students to critical frameworks from multiple disciplines (sociology, psychology, anthropology, history, visual arts, cultural and ethnic studies, literature, gender and sexuality studies, political science, etc.) and to various ways of knowing, such as kinesthetic, experiential, linguistic, spiritual, visual or cognitive.

Opportunities for Students

The program offers students the opportunity to explore multiple interests throughout the year. It asks students to consider their interests from multiple perspectives and take an active and empowered role in shaping and pursuing their goals. The students direct their educational inquiries and pursuits, all the while working collaboratively with other students and negotiating diverse viewpoints.

Role of Faculty

The faculty facilitators bring their own disciplinary backgrounds and training into the classroom. Students benefit not only from the different viewpoints of the members of the faculty team, but also from learning with new instructors each semester (while remaining with the same group of peers for the one-year sequence of the core curriculum).

Careers with a Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies

Students who graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies are prepared for a wide variety of career paths. Graduates of the program have gone on to careers in the non-profit sector, government, nursing, technology, health, business, politics, publishing, the performing arts, or education. Alumni also pursue graduate studies in fields such as psychology, sociology, public health, law, education, writing, and the visual arts.

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