Kim Cox Kimberly “The Advocate” Cox (BIS ’14)

Has Lived in:
San Francisco

Establishing my new nonprofit mentoring African American high school boys

Professional Goal:
I want to be a drum major for boys of color who are struggling in high school—an advocate who ensures that they graduate high school and focus on a career whether college or an apprenticeship.

Favorite Book: Joy De Gruy's "Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome"

Little-known Fact About Me: I want to ride a bike a very long distance.

I just launched a nonprofit-Project Bro Bro-that offers mentoring services to male youth of color between the ages of 14 and 17. In the course of my education, I discovered I was an advocate for under served males of color. In addition, I found that I had a love for media. I was able to create several projects including three short videos that greatly helped me with my nonprofit.

My Path to CIIS: CIIS welcomes every type of learner. I was a single mom with two boys working for the SF Department of Children, Youth & Their Families. I had accommodated my schedule toward work and family. The BAC program's weekend schedule really worked with my life.

The BAC Difference: "Transformation" has become a common theme at many institutions of higher education. Through learning about restorative justice, psyche and yoga, symmetry and nature, and decolonizing methodologies, I believe that the BAC program enabled me to experience what true transformation is. There is no way I would have experienced this education at a "traditional school. And because of it, you are going to be better at everything you do.

Transformative Learning: The ability to think critically. That no answer is a wrong answer. We now understand how global society works and how we are all diverse human beings with individual special talents. I used to eat McDonald's and drink soda. I guess you could say that CIIS also transformed my refrigerator and my family.

My Learning Community: We have had knock out, drag out arguments where our professors have helped facilitate healing. At the end of the day my cohort is family; I can call on them for anything. We learned invaluable lessons on group dynamics, sharing profound projects on self and society, culture and community, social change and global studies.

Since graduating, I have earned a master's in psychology with an emphasis in media and communications. A PhD is a possibility. As one of my instructors stated, "Our work is never complete. It's only a draft!"

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