Preston Vargas Preston Vargas

Preston Vargas is a second year Ph.D. student in the Transformative Studies department and holds a M.A. in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness from CIIS. Before birthing his own integrative healing practice he worked in San Francisco as a substance abuse counselor for self-identified gay men, an environmental educator for grade school children, and an energy medicine practitioner. His areas of inquiry are in the rituals that nurture Oracular Art, embodied dialogues with transphysical beings through co-creative artistry, as a path to resuming participatory relationships within our life-supporting systems and healing his soul-fragmented QPOC communities. His work as an educator, counselor, and healer are supported by his ancestral wisdom traditions, evolutionary cosmology, and the belief that being an academic need not conflict with living in our native state as embodied passionate forces of life.

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