The master's curriculum consists of 36 units (the equivalent of four semesters of full-time study).

I. Required foundational courses - (14 units)

A. PARW 6027:  Foundational Elements of Academic Research and Writing (1 unit)
B. PARW 6047:  Critical and Liberatory Methods of Inquiry (2 units)
C. PARW 6286:  Building Conscious Allyship (1 unit)
D. PARW 6500:  Sacred Lineages: Goddesses, Foremothers, and Activists (3 units)
E. PARW 7585:  Spirit, Compassion, and Community Activism (1 unit)
F. PARW 7609:  Womanist, Feminist, and Decolonial Worldviews (3 units)
G. PARW 6658:  Spiritual Activism and Transformative Social Change (3 units)

II. Directed electives - (13 units)

With consultation of the academic advisor, students take Women's Spirituality courses (PARW courses) that support their primary areas of academic and professional interest.  

III. General electives - (6 units)

Students take 6 units from any program at CIIS; up to 3 of these units can be from CIIS Public Programs workshops taken for academic credit.

IV. MA Integrative Seminar - (3 units)

In this course, MA students are mentored in the preparation of a portfolio or advanced research paper. Students draw together the knowledge, insights, and skills of their coursework and especially their chosen area of study; and work with the library to refine their research skills. They review relevant methodologies and issues of epistemology in preparation for the completion of the MA degree.

For course descriptions and and a comprehensive curricular overview, please view our Academic Catalog

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