Vanessa Soriano Faculty Relations Manager, The Shift Network

Spiritual Leadership
Faculty Relations Manager for The Shift Network

Nadirah Adeye
The Women's Spirituality Program, MA Alum

Nadirah Adeye (or Gooden) - Faculty Relations Manager for The Shift Network. Nadirah is an MA graduate of the Women's Spirituality Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. For more than two decades she has been witness to the positive impact (in her own life and those of others around her) of a life lived in alignment with The Divine. In that time, Nadirah has been active in the fields of spirituality, manifestation, personal transformation, and community development. She is a mother, writer, lover of foolishness, activist, public ritualist, passionate about women's financial literacy and magnificence, and a Priestess with multiple planets in Virgo. She is deeply committed to supporting women in living lives of peace, pleasure, abundance, authenticity and fulfillment.

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