New 12-unit PCC Certificates in
Archetypal Cosmology, Integral Ecology, and Process Philosophy

Coinciding with the launch of our online Master of Arts degree, the PCC faculty are excited to announce three new graduate-level academic certificates that are open to non-matriculated students. The certificates are awarded after successful completion of 12 units of coursework in one of three curricular tracks:

  • Archetypal Cosmology
  • Integral Ecology
  • Process Philosophy

Certificate students will be enrolled in regular PCC graduate courses attended by matriculated master's-level students and taught by PCC's world renowned faculty. Up to 12 units earned in certificate classes are transferrable to a PCC Master of Arts degree. Certificate students can enroll in online or on-campus courses.

Qualified students can decide to apply to PCC's Master of Arts degree program at any point during their certificate. Advanced undergraduates are also elligible to apply for certificates. There is a limit of one certificate per student.

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Depending on their chosen curricular track and background, certificate students will learn to apply new ideas and skills to catalyze personal, cultural, and institutional transformation. Each track invites students to explore a unique facet of the broader PCC vision, and all three are set within the deeper context of the evolution of consciousness. 

  • The Archetypal Cosmology certificate empowers students to enhance their capacity for personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal psychological exploration. The certificate prepares them to identify and analyze broad trends in cultural history and encourages the cultivation of a deeper recognition of their embeddedness in a meaningful cosmos.

  • The Integral Ecology certificate addresses the ecological crisis in a way that integrates nature and culture, facts and values, science and spirituality. The curriculum supports scholar-activists committed to eco-social justice and the ideal of a flourishing Earth community.

  • The Process Philosophy certificate introduces students to the history and contemporary application of the process-relational mode of thought. Students develop the creative, flexible, and transdisciplinary scholarly skillsets essential for thinking through the complex conceptual entanglements typifying our planetary moment.

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Archetypal Cosmology Certificate Curriculum

Archetypal Cosmology Certificate (12 units)

1. Foundations (3 units, required)

    • Psyche and Cosmos I: Transpersonal Psychology and Archetypal Astrology

2. Philosophy and History (choose 0 to 6 units)

    • History of Western Thought and Culture: An Archetypal Perspective 
    • Archetypal Process: Process Philosophy and Archetypal Cosmology
    • Archetypal Research: Writing and Methods for the Archetypal Biographer and Historian
    • Jung on Astrology
    • James Hillman and Archetypal Psychology: An Introduction (1 unit)

3. Psychology (choose 0 to 6 units)

    • Psyche and Cosmos II: Transits in Depth (Practicum)
    • Psyche and Spirit: From the Psychology of Religion to Transpersonal Theory
    • Nietzsche, Freud, and Jung: Descent into the Underworld
    • Advanced Seminar: Carl G. Jung
    • The Way of the Archetypes or Archetypal Astrology and Individuation
    • Feminist Approaches to Depth Psychology and Archetypal Cosmology (1 unit)

4. Arts, Literature, and Music (choose 0 to 6 units)

    • Archetypes, Art, and Culture
    • Archetypal Women
    • Brief History of Film: An Archetypal Perspective
    • The Red Books of C.G. Jung and J.R.R. Tolkien: An Archetypal Perspective

Integral Ecology Certificate Curriculum

Integral Ecology (12 units)

1. Foundations (choose 3-6 units)

    • Philosophy and Ecology: Toward a Green Metaphysics, Phenomenology, and Epistemology
    • Integral Ecologies
    • Toward an Integral Ecological Consciousness

2. Practicum (3 units, optional)

    • Touch the Earth

3. Applications (choose 3-9 units)

    • Cosmological Powers
    • Merleau-Ponty: The Body and the Earth
    • Next of Kin: Perspectives on Animal Ethics and Biodiversity 
    • Plants and People: Understanding the Plant World Through Relationship
    • Mind and Nature in German Idealism
    • Judaisms and Ecology: Visions, Voices, and Practices (1 unit)
    • Spirit and Nature
    • The Great Turning 
    • Science, Ecology, and Contested Knowledge(s)
    • Environmental Ethics
    • Christianity and Ecology 
    • Buddhism and Ecology 
    • Earth Law: Toward a Flourishing Earth Community (1 unit)
    • Earth Law in Praxis (1 unit) 
    • Integral Gaia
    • Ecologies of Liberation
    • Integral Permaculture (1 unit)
    • The Earth Journey
    • Nature and Eros

Process Philosophy Certificate Curriculum

Process Philosophy (12 units)

1. Historical Context (choose 3-6 units)

    • Philosophies of Becoming: Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern Western Traditions
    • Philosophies of Becoming: Modern and Postmodern Western Traditions 
    • Mind and Nature in German Idealism
    • Hegel, Wilber, and Morin: Foundations of Integral Inquiry

2. Whitehead's Thought (choose 3-6 units)

    • Whitehead's Adventure in Cosmology: Toward a Physics of the World-Soul
    • Advanced Seminar: Whitehead's Process and Reality

3. Applications (choose 3-6 units)

    • Cosmological Powers
    • Process Approaches to Consciousness 
    • Process and Difference in the Pluriverse
    • Evolutionary Cosmology and Process Philosophy
    • Archetypal Process: Process Philosophy and Archetypal Cosmology

Certificate Policies

  • Certificate students are not eligible for federal financial aid. Federal financial aid is only available for PCC's degree programs. 
  • Certificate courses are offered in both residential and online formats.
  • Certificate students are invited but not required to attend on-campus intensives alongside online PCC MA students.
  • Students can earn a maximum of one certificate in PCC.
  • Students can take up to two years to complete the 12 units required for their certificate.
  • Certificate students must enroll in at least 1 unit every Fall and Spring semester (Summer enrollment is optional). Students who do not enroll in at least 1 unit in a given semester must apply for a Leave of Absence through the Registrar's office.
  • Students can decide to apply to PCC's MA program at any point during their certificate. Any units earned while a student is in a certificate program are transferable to the MA degree (up to 12 units).
  • Students applying to the online PCC MA degree program after earning a PCC certificate are required to participate in three on-campus intensives (two at the beginning of Fall semesters, one at the end of the final Spring semester). It is recommended that certificate students considering the online PCC MA participate in at least one intensive while still a certificate student (thus facilitating their completion of the MA intensive requirements). 
  • Students in the PCC MA program may also be awarded a certificate upon completion of the required coursework (one certificate per student). 
  • Students in other MA programs at CIIS may also earn a PCC certificate, so long as their degree program grants them enough elective units to complete the required certificate coursework. Certificate courses taken outside this elective allotment are not eligible for federal financial aid.

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