Our Students and Graduates

Where do they work?

  • Health coaches for nutrition, mindfulness, chronic disease management, and workplace wellness apps (including Lantern, Vida, Livzo, and FareWell)
  • Health coaches and administrators at hospitals, clinics, corporations, and integrative health organizations (including One Medical, Alameda Health System, and Max Hospital System)
  • Health coaches, and complementary and alternative medicine practitioners in private practice (including Welljii Institute)
  • Wellness managers for corporations and non-profit organizations
  • Writers, bloggers, and researchers on integrative health (including Holistic Primary Care and Find Your Birth Joy)

What do we know?

  • 92% work in integrative health full- or part-time
  • 50% work at least part-time for a health coaching app
  • 100% believe that the program taught them more about wellness coaching and supporting lifestyle changes in others; nutrition; integrative wellness practices, including those that support mind-body-spirit; promoting health and wellness in a culturally competent manner; integrating traditional healing practices with modern medicine; and scientifically evaluating health claims

What do they say?

Holistic wellness in an allopathic setting

I'm a Wellness Program Manager at Alameda Health System, a large chain of safety net hospitals and ambulatory care facilities in Alameda County. I was hired to create the program and manage all aspects of programming for 4700 employees at 9 sites. It's been an exciting adventure to bring a holistic wellness model to an allopathic setting, and test my skills and ingenuity. I'm also working on an independent business venture where I focus on how wellness relates to personal fulfillment, food, and activity. The faculty in the Integrative Health program represented both the academic and professional sides of various health and wellness disciplines, and gave me strong professional mentors to pursue my goals. ~Toni Sicola

Health writing

After three years in academia, I recently became a corporate writer for MedAmerica in Emeryville. I write and compile proposals, selling our parent company's services to hospital administrators. I call on my degree to understand current health trends, analyze performance metrics, and write about hospital integration. Nonetheless, I would never have found this position if it wasn't for the recommendation of program graduate Sarah O'Sullivan. ~Molly Hartle

The dynamism of health coaching

"Integrative Health Studies has taught me the dynamism of health coaching: It is so simple and so powerful, and there is great beauty in watching someone grow and really open up. The simple act of asking permission to follow a certain path can really make an impact on how clients learn to set themselves up for success in the future. ~Michaele Kruger

Community sharing

Students come to Integrative Health Studies with so much enthusiasm, thirsty to learn new practices for health and wellness. But we don't just learn from our professors. I have been thrilled to discover that we are sharing our knowledge and skills with each other. We are a vibrant community of learners. ~Regina Akhmadullina

Health coaching and chronic illness

I work in Mexico City as a bilingual integrative health coach and consultant, with an emphasis on chronic illness: type 2 diabetes, obesity, etc. I also teach yoga and practice Traditional Thai Massage. Although the need for this type of work is expanding at an alarming rate here, therapeutic resources are still quite limited. Every day I'm excited, delighted, and honored to be a part of this nascent healing community. ~Kelly Guevara

Corporate wellness

After completing the Integrative Health program, I began working as a health coach in the corporate wellness field. After a few years of experience both as a coach and as a manager, I set off with the confidence to start my own business which I have successfully run now for over a year. The health coaching program, combined with the entire Integrative Health Studies curriculum, is both comprehensive and extremely progressive. Motivated students will happily find themselves better prepared than they realized for a fruitful career in this emerging field. ~Sarah Showalter-Feuillette

Integrative primary care

The Integrative Health program taught me the undeniable power of community in facilitating personal growth and healing. In my work for a large, integrative primary care practice, I develop and manage group wellness programs where individuals feel empowered to be active agents in their health. I learned essential skills in my coaching classes that I use every day as I teach people practical skills and provide them a safe space where they feel a sense of belonging, acceptance, and community. ~Kareen Patterson

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