Julie Lehman

PhD Student
Human Sexuality

MS, Counseling


Julie S. Lehman is a MFT Intern whose clinical orientation is strongly rooted in her training as an Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) Level III Practitioner. This approach to therapy is healing-oriented and non-pathologizing. AEDP integrates the known neurobiological processes for survival and growth with the use of somatic channels to foster procedural learning and neural rewiring to resolve traumas. Cognitive and emotional resiliency are developed through new experiences of risk-taking in context of secure relational attachment.

As a PhD student, Julie is interested in assessing the potential for using safe sexual practices to heal relational traumas, including childhood abuse/neglect. From an AEDP therapeutic lens, she hopes to study the effect of sex therapies that incorporate BDSM and kink, consensual non-monogamy, and other non-normative approaches in treating trauma. She is also interested in examining the underpinnings of sexual taboo across cultures. Julie aims to complete her AASECT Sex Therapy Certification over the course of her studies at CIIS.

In  her work at The Spahr Center, a nonprofit in San Rafael, Julie serves as the LGBTQ* Program Coordinator and Youth Outreach Liaison. She also provides counseling to LGBTQ* and HIV-affected clients there and leads several support groups.

In private practice at Integrative Counseling Services, also in San Rafael, Julie specializes in working affirmatively with sexual and gender minorities and sex-positive communities (LGBTQ*, non-normative relationships, open/non-monogamous, polyamory, polysexuality, BDSM, leather/kink, fetishism, gender nonconformity/fluidity). She works with issues pertaining to gender and sexuality, minority stress, depression/anxiety, trauma, grief/loss, couples/multiple-partner relationships, parent/child relationships, family counseling, and ADHD.

Julie also serves as the Coordinator of Volunteerism at AEDP West, the Diversity Chair of Marin CAMFT, the Recorder of the Southern Marin Multi-Disciplinary Team, and a member of Marin County's Cultural Competence Advisory Board.


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