Deborah Brown, PhD; Lecturer in Sexuality/History, San Francisco State University.

Sean CahillSean Cahill, PhD, Director, Health Policy, Fenway Institute, Boston.

Sean Cahill, Ph.D., is Director of Health Policy Research at the Fenway Institute. He is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Administration at New York University, where he teaches courses on LGBT public policy, and serves on the Massachusetts Commission on LGBT Youth. Cahill is coauthor of LGBT Youth in America's Schools (2012, University of Michigan Press) as well as two other books and many articles and chapters on LGBT and HIV issues. His most recent publication is "Growing older with HIV: New public health challenges," in the American Journal of Public Health (January 2013). Cahill led policy research at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute from 1999 to 2007, and led policy research and prevention efforts at Gay Men's Health Crisis from 2007 to 2011.

Brian de Vries, PhD, Professor of Gerontology, San Francisco State University; Advisor, Institute of Medicine.

Diane DiMauro, PhD; Director, Amsterdam Summer Institute/Sexuality, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Jamison GreenJamison Green, PhD, President, World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), and Member, University of California - San Francisco Transgender health project.

Jamison Green, PhD, is a well-known advocate for transgender and transsexual health, civil rights, and social safety. He leads a small consulting firm specializing in transgender education and policy consulting for business, education, and government, through which he and colleagues advise, among other clients, the Human Rights Campaign on the Corporate Equality Index.  He serves as the Primary Care Protocols Manager at the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health at UCSF.  He is the author of the prize-winning book Becoming a Visible Man (Vanderbilt University Press, 2004), and his work on anti-discrimination legislation, healthcare access, and insurance reform has impacted governments and businesses throughout the world.  He was recognized in 2009 by the LGBT Bar Association with its  Transgender Advocacy Award, and by the Association of Gay & Lesbian Psychiatrists with its Distinguished Service Award.  From 2014-2016  he will seve as President of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. 

Francisco Gonzales, MD, Private practice, San Francisco.

Gloria Gonzalez-LopezGloria Gonzales-Lopez, PhD, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. Gloria González-López is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin. She received a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Southern California in 2000. She has conducted research on sexuality and gender with Mexican immigrants, and more recently, she has been studying incest and sexual violence in Mexican families. She is also a couple and family therapist by training and she has worked with Latina immigrant women with histories of sexual violence, and as a consultant for professionals working in sexual violence prevention and treatment programs at grassroots organizations and academic institutions in Mexico. She is the author of the book Erotic Journeys: Mexican Immigrants and Their Sex Lives, the co-editor of an anthology Bridging: How Gloria Anzaldúa's Life and Work Transformed Our Own, and has published journal articles, book chapters, and other essays examining sexuality, gender, and sexual violence with populations of Mexican origin.

Andrew Harlem, PhD; Professor, California Institute of Integral Studies; private practice; Facilitator.

Stephen Hartman, PhD, Private practice, San Francisco.

Gregory M. Herek, PhD; Professor of Psychology, University of California - Davis.

Gregory M. Herek is a Professor of Psychology at the University of California at Davis  (UCD). An internationally recognized authority on sexual minority issues - including prejudice and violence based on sexual orientation - and AIDS-related stigma, he has published more than 100 scholarly papers and has edited 7 volumes on these and related topics. Professor Herek has worked extensively to communicate the findings of scientific research to legislators, the courts, and policy makers. He has served as an expert witness and consultant for numerous legal cases involving the civil rights of lesbians and gay men, including Perry v. Schwarzenegger, and he has assisted the American Psychological Association (APA) in preparing numerous amicus briefs for federal and state court cases related to the rights of sexual minorities.

Carole JoffeCarole Joffe, PhD; Professor Emerita, Bixby Center, University of California - San Francisco.

Carole Joffe is a professor in the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health and a professor of sociology emerita at the University of California, Davis.  Her research focuses on the social dimensions of reproductive health, with a particular interest in abortion provision. In January 2010, Dr. Joffe=s book, Dispatches from the Abortion Wars: The Costs of Fanaticism to Doctors, Patients and the Rest of Us, was published by Beacon Press. Besides writing for an academic audience, she also writes frequently for the general public on the topics of reproductive health and reproductive politics. She is also the author of Doctors of Conscience: The Struggle to Provide Abortion Before and after Roe v. Wade (Beacon Press) and The Regulation of Sexuality: Experiences of Family Planning Workers (Temple University Press 1986). Dr. Joffe received her BA from Brandeis University and her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley.  She regularly blogs at 

Michael KimmelMichael Kimmel, PhD; Professor of Sociology and Director, Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities, State University of New York - Stony Brook.

Michael Kimmel is University Distinguished Professor of Sociology at SUNY at Stony Brook and the Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities.  He is the author of the best-seller Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men (HarperCollins, 2008) which was featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America and featured on over one hundred radio and newspaper and blog reviews.  His other books include Changing Men (1987), Men's Lives (10th edition, 2012) Against the Tide: Profeminist Men in the United States, 1776-1990 (1992), The Politics of Manhood (1996), Manhood: A Cultural History (1996, 10th anniversary second edition, 2006), and The Gendered Society (3rd edition, 2008), Misframing Men (2010), and, The Guy's Guide to Feminism (2011).   His most recent book is Angry White Men (2013).  He co-edited The Encyclopedia on Men and Masculinities (2004) and Handbook of Studies on Men and Masculinities (2004).  He is the founder and editor of Men and Masculinities, the field's premier scholarly journal, a book series on Gender and Sexuality at New York University Press, and edited the Sage Series on Men and Masculinities.  He lectures extensively in corporations and on campuses in the U.S. and abroad on engaging men in gender equality campaigns.

Michael LaSalaMichael C. LaSala, PhD, LCSW, Director of MSW Program and Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Rutgers University.

Michael C. LaSala is an internationally recognized expert on gay and lesbian couples and family issues and has presented his work in Sweden, Canada, Finland, Estonia, Italy, and throughout the US.  His book: Coming Out, Coming Home: Helping Families Adjust to a Gay or Lesbian Child describes findings and practice implications of a study of 65 gay and lesbian youth and their families.  A seasoned psychotherapist, teacher/trainer and researcher, Dr. LaSala's current project examines parental influences on gay youths' sexual behaviors.  He has recently joined with a Catholic hospital in NJ to provide therapy to LGBT families in a faith-based setting. Other examples of his work can be found in Social Work, Family Process, the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, Families in Society, the Journal of Lesbian and Gay Social Services and Psychology Today ( on Twitter @michaellasala.

Bart MageeBart Magee, PhD, Executive Director, Access Institute, San Francisco.

Bart Magee, Ph.D., is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who lives and works in San Francisco, CA.  Dr. Magee holds a bachelors degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Wright Institute, also in Berkeley. He is founder and Executive Director of Access Institute for Psychological Services, non-profit with the dual mission of giving low-income and uninsured people access to high-quality psychological services and providing the best clinical training to mental health interns. He works in private practice in San Francisco where he specializes in psychotherapy with adults, couples and children. He is a clinical consultant with A Home Within, an organization that provides pro bono therapy for children in the foster care system. He is an active member of Division 39 (psychoanalysis) of the American Psychological Association and he co-chairs the Graduate Student Committee for that organization.

Richard Parker, PhD, Professor of Sociomedical Sciences and Anthropology, and Director, Center for the Study of Culture, Politics and Health, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University; policy group.

Esther PerelEsther Perel, MA, LMFT, Private practice, New York City.

Esther Perel is recognized as one of the world's most original voices on couples and sexuality, Esther Perel, LMFT, is the author of the international best-seller, Mating in Captivity translated into 24 languages. Fluent in nine of them, she brings a rich multicultural perspective to her clinical practice, her many publications and in her teaching around the globe. Her critically acclaimed TED talk reached more than two million viewers shortly after its Valentine's Day 2013 posting. Trained and supervised by Dr. Salvador Minuchin, she serves on the faculty of the family studies unit, department of psychiatry, New York University Medical Center, the International Trauma Studies Program, and the Ackerman Institute for the Family, as well as the Scandinavian Institute for Expressive Arts Therapy. Esther is an AASECT certified sex therapy supervisor, a member of the American Family Therapy Association and the International Society for Sex Therapy and Research from which she received the 2009 consumer book award.

Michael ReeceMichael Reece, PhD, Professor and Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies, School of Public Health, Indiana University - Bloomington.

Michael Reece, Ph.D., MPH is Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the School of Public Health at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.  Michael was the founding director, and currently co-directs the IU Center for Sexual Health Promotion.

Roberta Sklar, M.A., Communications Director, International Gay and Lesbian Rights Commission, New York.

Christian ThrasherChris Thrasher, MA, Director, Center for Excellence in Sexual Health, The Satcher Health Leadership Institute, Morehouse School of Medicine.

Christian J. Thrasher, MA serves as the Associate Director of Operations and the Director of the Center of Excellence for Sexual Health in the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. He has worked in the field of sexual health for 20 years. Mr. Thrasher earned a BS Degree in Communications and Psychology from the State University College of Fredonia in New York and a MA Degree in Human Sexuality, Marriage and Family Relations from New York University. Also, Mr. Thrasher studied at the University of Amsterdam's Institute on Sexuality, Culture and Society. Currently, he is completing his doctorate in human sexuality education at Widener University in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists certify Mr. Thrasher as a sexuality counselor and educator.

Steven Tierney, EdD, Chair, Community Mental Health program, California Institute of Integral Studies.

Steven Tierney, EdD, CAS, is the program chair of CIIS's graduate counseling psychology concentration in Community Mental Health. He holds an MA in Counseling and Social Psychology from Wayne State University and an EdD from Northeastern University.Steven also has a postgraduate certificate in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy from Boston University. He is a certified addiction specialist who has worked in community-based organizations in Boston and San Francisco for three decades, creating and providing innovative mental health and medical service models for adolescents and transition-aged youth.Steven's areas of interest include mental health and HIV, adolescent addiction issues, new community therapeutic models, and access to care/poverty issues in mental health. He has been the principal investigator on several Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS), examining models of adolescent HIV, mental health, and substance abuse services. 

Steven will continue research in these areas and looks forward to working with others in the CIIS community who share these interests. Steven is a member of the Health Commission for the City and County of San Francisco. He has taught at a number of universities and has a lifelong interest in experimental education, begun in his days as a student leader at Monteith College (a university without walls program in Detroit).

Emily McKee, Assistant to the Graduate Program in Human Sexuality, Secretary to the Committee.

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