Dual Ph.D./Certificate Program Students

Courses taken for the East-West Spiritual Counseling Certificate can apply toward the East-West Psychology Ph.D. requirements. By enrolling in the certificate program, a doctoral student can fulfill all of the units needed in the area of specialization. Here is an example of a full time schedule for dual enrollment.

Sample: Emphasis on Depth Psychology/Spiritual Counseling
(plus 3 additional units from EWP core courses)

Fall I

EWP 6000: EWP Community Retreat (1 unit)
EWP 6001: Introduction to East-West Psychology (2 units)
EWP 7792: East-West Spiritual Counseling (3 units)
EWP 7034: Qualitative Research Methods (3 units)

Total Units 9 units

Spring I

EWP 7311: Jungian Psychology and East-West Spirituality (3 units)
EWP 7508: Jungian Dream Work and Expressive Arts (1 unit)
EWP 7793: Spiritual Counseling Skills (3 units)
EWP 8505: Theoretical Research Methods (3 units)

Total Units 10 units

Fall II

EWP 6011: Nondual Perspectives in Spiritual Counseling (3 units)
EWP 7347: The Soul as Artist: Jungian Art Therapy (1 unit)
EWP 7815: Heuristic Research (2 units)
EWP 8100: Research Colloquium I (1 unit)
EWP 9104: Adv. Seminar: Principles of Healing (3 units)

Total Units 10 units

Spring II

EWP 6237: Archetypal Mythology (3 units)
EWP 6261: The Psychology of Death and Dying: An East- West Exploration (3 units)
EWP 9431: Adv. Seminar: Jung (3 units)
EWP 8101: Research Colloquium II (1 unit)

Total Units 10 units

EWP 7900: Dissertation Seminar (0 units)

TOTAL UNITS 36 units (+2)

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