Combined MA/PhD and Certificate Students

Courses taken for a certificate can apply toward the East-West Psychology MA and PhD requirements.

Certificate in East-West Spiritual Counseling

The Certificate in East-West Spiritual Counseling is a two-semester program that provides licensed mental health professionals and pastoral counselors with the foundational background and skills for working in an increasingly diverse world. The program of study enables therapists to broaden the scope of their practice to include the central role of spiritual and religious experiences and beliefs, and teaches meditative techniques and perspectives from world spiritual traditions that have been traditionally used to bring about a deep sense of well-being.

Certificate Learning Outcomes

After completing this program, participants will have the following:

  • An understanding of the relationship between one's spiritual container and psychological health.
  • A realization of the importance of bringing to consciousness the underlying spiritual assumptions that hold us.
  • Specific tools for facilitating the examination of spiritual assumptions.
  • A working knowledge of the world's spiritual teachings that can be transformative to people seeking spiritual counseling, regardless of spiritual orientation.
  • Development of the fundamental basis of their spiritual counseling practice.

Curriculum Overview

Students are required to complete 18 units, consisting of 3 units of core courses and 15 units of directed electives. The certificate is taken over two consecutive semesters. Please go to Spiritual Counseling Certificate curriculum for an outline of the curriculum and a sample schedule. PhD/Certificate Program sample schedule.


The goal of this program is to provide mental health professionals and pastoral counselors with a foundational background and skills in East-West spiritual counseling, thereby enabling them to broaden the scope of their practice. Licensure as a mental health professional or training and experience in pastoral counseling is a prerequisite for admission. A personal interview with EWP core faculty members is part of the application process. Admission to the certificate program is for the fall semester only, and is for currently enrolled students.

Certificate in Ecoresilience Leadership

This program of study offers MA and PhD students knowledge acquisition and mentoring skills for addressing global ecological crises like climate change psychologically. Students learn practices and models for helping people move from passivity, trauma, and other counter-productive states into responses that blend deep reflection with thoughtful action on behalf of earth-honoring forms of ecoresilient community. Earth-honoring ways of relating to self, community, nature, and place depend ultimately on recovering a deep sense of reenchantment, of inhabiting an animate, wondrous world.

Certificate Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Facilitate discussion circles for people concerned about climate change.
  • Offer tools for educating others about the psychodynamics of global ecological change.
  • Mentor others in their quest to feel more deeply at home in their lives and work.
  • Pool and utilize knowledge geared toward fusing deep reflection with effective action.

Curriculum Overview

Students are required to complete 12 units, consisting of 6 units of core courses and 6 units of directed electives. Students can spread the coursework over four or more semesters as they weave the Certificate requirements in with those of the MA or PhD degrees. When students enroll in the Certificate program, Ecoresilience Leadership becomes their area of specialization. Check out the specifics in the curricular overview.


Current MA and PhD students are eligible for the Certificate and may take the required coursework. This certificate is available only for matriculated East-West Psychology and CIIS students whose degree programs allows for at least 12 units of electives in another program.

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