Clinical Training
The clinical training component of the CMH program is fully integrated into the Master's degree program. In year two (see below) students will begin to gain experience and deliver services and take clinical practicum courses. It is in practicum that students begin, with supervision, to engage in therapy with clients. Each student plays a key role in identifying sites for field work and clinical practicum. The CMH office and the Field Placement team are ready and eager to help students make good choices. Once made, those choices must be approved by the Director of the CMH program and the Director of Field Education

Year 2- Clinical Practicum (6-units)
Over the course of two semesters students will engage in (2) two-unit courses that will enhance clinical training in the practicum. Students will continue their development of professional identity as the student learns to become a psychotherapist and integrate what is learned in the classroom with the experience at the practicum site. Completion of the course will require attendance in weekly classes plus 16-20 hours per week of documented training in an approved site.

Students must complete a minimum of 225 qualifying BBS hours during practicum training to qualify for graduation. 

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