The Clinic Without Walls (TCWOW) is the practicum site of the Community Mental Health program. Situated in low-income housing sites within San Francisco, TCWOW aims to provide psychological services to underserved communities. The Clinic endeavors to make therapy accessible to people who have been denied services on the basis of stigmatization, discrimination, and/or socioeconomic factors. Further, the clinic seeks to serve children, adults, and families by identifying and addressing mental health issues within the Bay Area community. All services are provided free of charge.

The student practicum at TCWOW focuses on the development of essential clinical skills and with an emphasis on multicultural awareness. Trainees acquire a broad range of clinical experience in several contexts including individual, couple, family, and group therapy. In addition to formal therapy services, the Clinic incorporates a frontier approach called "therapy on the margins." This modality offers an alternative to formal treatment and aims to cultivate community engagement. Additionally, trainees lead workshops on a variety of topics including topics such as self-care, parenting skills, and mindfulness. In order to develop and refine clinical skills, student therapists receive weekly supervision and trainings from licensed clinicians.

Overall, the practicum is structured to provide a conceptual and experiential framework for community mental health as informed by multiple theoretical perspectives. TCWOW aims to provide quality psychological services and to provide students interested in community mental health with a dynamic training opportunity rooted in social justice.

For more information about TCWOW or to schedule a meeting, please call (415) 373-4094.

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