Tanea's professional and scholarly commitment in the field of youth restorative justice directly links with the newly-established Angeles Arrien Scholarship's "youth support" category. She currently works in the San Francisco-based youth restorative community conferencing program Make it Right, an innovative project that facilitates accountability and repair between youth responsible for a crime, and those who have been impacted by that crime. Tanea actively seeks an "organic place of intersection" between her professional work in the community and her role as a graduate student. In her scholarship statement, Tanea writes, "My goal is to improve the systems available to youth by starting with restorative justice as a transformative process for communities."

She states that her ethnographic"...project should provide a reflection of the legal systems that are currently ignorant to the complexities of experience of youth in our program and people who have been harmed in the course of their behavior(s)". Tanea, a 3rd generation San Francisco native, is an active participant in the Black Lives Matter movement and considers this to be her truly beloved community. Tanea joined the Anthropology and Social Change Department in the Fall of 2014; she aspires to pursue a doctoral degree in the future.

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Tanea Lunsford Awarded Angeles Arrien Scholarship

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