Caitlin Carmody Caitlin Carmody

MA Student
Anthropology and Social Change

I searched high and low for an academic program like what the Anthropology and Social change department at CIIS offers, and coming here was like a breath of fresh air. In an educational climate marked by constrained possibilities and ivory tower myopia, the Anthropology and Social Change program is one of a kind in its unapologetic commitment to radical social change. I've deeply appreciated the program's dual emphasis on academic rigor and activism in the "real world" and an ongoing refusal to view these two things as separate. The learning community has been supportive, challenging, and generous; competition is eschewed in favor of mutual learning and growth. Despite my deepening understanding of the horrors of the world, I feel also a deeper sense of realistic optimism due to the pockets of incredible resistance I encounter in my studies here. And as a result of the program, I feel much better equipped to help tackle the root causes of the oppression and misery that impact all of our capacity to live humane and joyful lives.

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