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Students begin initial work on their capstone projects in their first year of study and continue throughout the program. The capstone projects are scholarly endeavors and need to demonstrate critical thinking and a synthesis of the skills and knowledge learned during the DAOM program.

The capstone project enables the students to enhance their knowledge, skills and confidence in two specialty areas taught in the program: TCM Gynecology and TCM Pain Management. Students may complete their Capstone Project in one of three areas: a research proposal, clinical case studies, or a translation. Each DAOM student will be assigned a mentor for their independent capstone project classes.

DAOM Capstone Title List

All capstone projects are available in the reference section of the ACTCM Shuji Goto Library.

5th Cohort 2013 Graduates

  • Grasping a Sleeping Tiger by the Tail: Contextualizing Perceptions of Qi in Japanese Meridian Therapy, Heather Biery
  • The Role of Cholesterol and Fats to Restore Kidney Yin, Yang, and Essence, Aaron Nickamin
  • Transcendental Medicine -A Brief Introduction to A New System of Medicine for the Treatment of Body/Mind/Spirit and the Transformation of Consciousness, Truth Sayer

4th Cohort 2012 Graduates

  • Leave Your Shoes At The Door: An Invitation to Explore Infertility Treatments in a Japanese Acupuncture Clinic, Cameron Bishop
  • Enteric Nervous System: Regulating the External World inside the Gut Applied Enteric Symbiosis Through Localized Acupuncture Therapy, Gale O'Keefe
  • Case Study Research on Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy and the Benefits of Hinaishin Needles at Kidney 27, Coleen Smith
  • Water: Its Qualities, Properties, and Functions in Pain Expression, Diagnosis and Treatment, Keith Stevens
  • A Randomized Controlled Trial of Acupuncture for Initiation of Labor in Nulliparous Women at Term, Including Pre-Birth Treatments 2-3 Weeks Leading Up to Term, Sadhna Singh
  • Dr. Dong Jia-Hua's Academic Theories in Treating Spleen and Stomach Disease, Qizhi Wang

3rd Cohort 2011 Graduates

  • Case Study Translation of EENT by Dr. Qing Hua Peng and His Associates, Portia Barnblatt
  • The Well-Vet Clinic: A Model for Integrated Treatment of Pain and PTSD in the Veteran's Affairs Health Care System, Carla Cassler
  • The Treatment of Migraine Headaches with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Max Fried
  • Contradiction and Analysis in Acupuncture Research: An Examination and Review of Acupuncture Studies and Bench Science, Sharon Hennessey
  • Prevention of Nosocomial Infection in Acupuncture Practice: a Missing Standard for Lancets, Gene London
  • Holograms, Microcosms and Mirroring: A Scientific Exploration of Microsystems in Acupuncture for the Treatment of Pain, Andrea Natta
  • Laser Scalp Acupuncture for Neuro Rehabilitation, Kampol Poophawatanakij
  • The Neurophysiological and Multi-Mechanism Process of Acupuncture as a Pain Management Modality, George Stretch
  • Menopausal Insomnia: Proposal for Evaluating Acupuncture Treatment and Effectiveness, Sherry Yang
  • TCM Research Challenge: A Mixed Methods Approach to HPV Related Anal Cancer, Carla Wilson

2nd Cohort 2010 Graduates

  • Evaluating a New Corrective Technique for Malpositioned Fetuses: Clinical Outcome Study, Jennifer Ashby
  • Fetal Education in Early Chinese Medicine, Uma Bhatnagar
  • Chronic Lyme Disease As a Condition of Systemic Parasitism (Gu Syndrome), Tatiana Gaidarenko
  • Tai Chi Chuan and Pain Management, Phillip Kang
  • Introduction and Translation: Saam Acupuncture, Jung Kim
  • Exploring Autoimmunity in the Pi Wei Lun: Chinese and Western Medicine Approaches to Rheumatoid Arthritis, Kathleen Loscocco
  • Translation: "One Needle Therapy for Pain" by Wei Chieh Young, Anita Chen Marshall
  • Translation: "The Emotions in Traditional Chinese Medicine" by Elizabeth Rochat De La Vallee, Laurence Mourey
  • Translation: "Tongue Analysis for Clinical Diagnosis" by Yang Yun-feng in Qing Dynasty, Dean Ren
  • Literature Review: Study of Japanese Moxibustion and Its Effectiveness in Pain Management, Setsuko Sage
  • Study the Efficacy of Tuina and Acupuncture in Treating Chronic Lumbar Pai, Darby Srisuksate
  • The Menstrual Cycle: A Review of Literature and Clinical Cases, Julie Lanning Von
  • Integral Medicine and Psychiatry: A Clinical Model, Scott Von
  • Treatment of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Using Acupuncture and Physical Medicine Techniques, Devin Wu
  • Translation: Dr. Yunong Zhuo's Experience in Woman's Infertility, Ping Wu
  • Annotated translation: "Muscle Attachment (counter-Ashi point) Therapy for Pain due to Soft Tissue Injury", Chulong Xue

1st Cohort 2009 Graduates

  • The Effect of Acupuncture to Decrease the Dosage Necessary to Achieve and Maintain the Desired Result of the Medication TOPAMAX in Prophylactic Treatment of Migraine Headache in Women, David Amato and Susie Choi
  • A Closer Look at Dayan Qi Gong, Erlene Chiang
  • Management of Preeclampsia Using Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Case Study, Jamie Hampton
  • A Pilot Study: The Effects of Acupuncture on Panic Attacks in Menopausal Women, Therese Hui
  • Treatment of Uterine Myomata Using A Standardized Traditional Chinese Medicine Protocol, Daniel Jiao
  • Comparing Pregnancy Outcomes Associated with Combined Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Therapy Administered Before IVF with Conventional IVF Protocols: A Pilot Study, Heidi Kao and Laurie Terzo
  • Evaluating the Efficacy of Acupuncture on Primary Dysmenohrrea, PD: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trail, Gerie Keh
  • The Use of Acupuncture As An Alternative or Complement to Reduce Osteoarthritic Pain of the Knee, Danielle Lee
  • The Use of Chinese Medicine for Treating the Concurrent Pattern of Generalized Anxiety and Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Case Study, Te-Hsin Lo
  • A Case Study of Oriental Medicine Treatment of Diabetes Assisted with (Ku Gua) Bitter Melon Tea, Maria Phillips
  • Translation: Gynecology Lecture Note of Dr. Cheng Menxue, Jason Su
  • Prevalence of Veterinary Acupuncture Use: A Pilot Study, Ella Woods

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