Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou, China

Studying in China offers the unique experience of treating a large volume and diversity of patients in an integrative setting.

The clinical experience at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University hospital and out-patient center inspires and enhances students' training and specialization.

Program Information:

ACTCM offers DAOM students the opportunity to participate an externship of two to six weeks at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU) in Hangzhou, China. Students are responsible for their airfare and living costs.

Students are in the hospital and clinic approximately 40 hours per week. An additional three hours per week is reserved for case discussions with the faculty members. These sessions allow for more in-depth discussions of difficult chronic cases that the DAOM students have recently seen and treated.

In addition to studying in China, the ACTCM DAOM program also maintains partnerships with hospitals and integrated treatment centers around the US.

Details about the 2016 trip to be posted soon.

Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Scholarship

Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is offering a scholarship of three months to study Chinese medicine in China to ACTCM students. Founded in 1958, Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is located in Henan Province, a historically rich region of China that includes the original site where the oracle bones were discovered. This is a full scholarship for three months of study.

Study period: May 2 - July 29, 2016
Application deadline: September 18, 2015

Each candidate will receive the following support per month:

  • Tuition: RMB 1,200
  • Dormitory: RMB 800
  • Living subsidy: RMB 500
  • 3 month total: RMB 7500* (*$1,209 at the current exchange rate (August 5, 2015)).

In addition to tuition, room and board, students who do not speak Mandarin will have the assistance of translators with a medical background at no additional cost. Students will book their flight from San Francisco (SFO) to Zhengzhou airport (CGO) at their own expense. (A recent review of possible flights ranged from $1,000 to $1,500 round trip).

This study opportunity will focus on clinical observation but can include classroom study as well. In addition to studying at the University, students will have the opportunity to explore a culturally rich region in China along the course of the Yellow River. Henan has been referred to as the birthplace of Chinese civilization and certainly an important region during the Shang Dynasty (1600 to 1040 BCE).

While this opportunity does not replace credits in the MSTCM program, students can request additional clinic observation credits (register for ACM5250, ACM5351 and ACM5452 Clinic Observation). Financial aid may be available for your study abroad if you register for at least 6 credits. Consult the Financial Aid office for more details.


  • Citizenship of the United States (American passport holders).
  • Current ACTCM student
  • MSTCM students must have completed their first level comprehensive exams by May 2016.
  • Good academic standing.

View the Henan University brochure.

To apply, fill out the online 2016 Henan TCM University Scholarship Application.*

*Link will redirect to actcm.edu. Scroll down to access application.

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