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Thriving in a Time of Change
We are the leading DAOM program in the US offering two clinical specialties and externships in world-renowned integrated medicine centers. In addition to developing new clinical skills and studying with nationally and internationally respected faculty, DAOM students have the opportunity to develop academic skills in preparation for research, teaching, and publishing scholarly work.

The DAOM program is designed for licensed acupuncturists looking to focus on integrative medicine, deepen their TCM knowledge and skills, and specialize in TCM Pain Management or TCM Women's Health. This clinically based, doctorate program is open to individuals who have completed a master's degree in Oriental Medicine or who have been practicing in the field for over ten years. The intensive module format both accommodates practitioners' lives and professional practices, as well as creates an environment in which students can immediately apply the knowledge and skills they learn in clinical practice.We invite you to come visit one of our modules and see first hand the high quality academic and clinical experience!

Program At A Glance
The DAOM program is designed to accommodate practitioners who wish to complete their degree while maintaining their practice. Our goal is to help you develop life-long learning and practice skills so you can provide the highest quality of care to your patients.

  • Program Length: 1,225 hours / 7 semesters
  • Credits: 42.75
  • Didactic Hours: 563
  • Clinical Hours: 662
  • Specialties: TCM Gynecology & TCM Pain Management
  • Language of Instruction: All classes are taught in English
  • Schedule: Modular-based. Once a month for 4 days, Friday through Monday.
  • Financial Aid: Federal financial aid available to DAOM Students
  • Location: San Francisco, CA with externship opportunities nationwide and in China.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sets Our Program Apart
There are many benefits to attending one of the oldest TCM colleges in the nation, with one of the first DAOM programs. Here are a few:

  • We have attracted the most experienced faculty. Our professors have an average background of 20 years of experience in TCM and many are pioneers in eastern and western medicine. You will learn side-by-side with these experts and gain invaluable insight from their wide array of specialties and skills.
  • We train you for the world you work in. We emphasize integrative medicine in every aspect of our program so that you are fully fluent in today's health care systems and able to adapt to any challenge.
  • We go beyond to give you the best preparation. We maintain one of the largest TCM libraries in the U.S., including access to online library resources.
  • The DAOM program staff provides training in technology and the skills needed to produce the highest level of scholarship and research that meets standards for publication.
  • You will engage in critical thinking and in depth clinical analysis of the medical management of modern disease. In our DAOM program you will analyze current research, participate in clinical research design and learn to apply your findings in case study writing, capstone projects, and presentations.

All of our DAOM coursework is approved by the American Board of Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) certification, and is applicable towards the American Academy of Pain Management credential. Our Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) program began in the fall of 2006, and we are proud to be one of the few AOM colleges approved by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM) and the California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) to offer this degree.

Life at ACTCM

The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine has 200 students and a small, intimate campus. Students enjoy a low faculty to student ratio, small classes, and close connections with each other and alumni.

ACTCM's campus is located in two sites on San Francisco's Potrero Hill neighborhood. Potrero Hill is close to downtown and a picturesque part of the city that is easy to commute to. San Francisco is a dynamic city that is a cultural, culinary, and financial center with a diverse population. Students enjoy great concerts, nightlife, beaches, nearby forests, and great weather!

The city's diversity is also reflected in the populations of patients at our clinics, giving students a broad clinical experience. Our onsite teaching clinic is open to the public. Student practitioners partner with faculty advisers and receive hands-on experience.

Many of our students tell us that they feel very at home at ACTCM, and our alumni often have bonds with each other that last long past graduation.

If you would like to visit us to see if ACTCM is right for you, please call our admissions department at 415-401-0464.

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