Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Public Programs and Performances WKS 001 1.00

If you and your life have been powerfully changed by your yoga practice and you're wondering why, then this class is for you. If you've tried to study the Yoga Sutras before, but found them too esoteric and hard to understand, then this class is for you. If you'd like to go deeper in your yoga practice, take it off the mat and into your life in practical and manageable ways, then this class is for you. Patañjali’s Yogasu¯tra, composed over 1,700 years ago in India, is a foundational text in the study and practice of yoga, meditation and spiritual practice. It’s concise presentation of how to bring yoga, meditation & spirituality off the mat and into daily life is considered an "owner’s manual" for life and has guided the practice of countless generations of practitioners. This ongoing series of classes will examine Patañjali’s Yogasu¯tra su¯tra by su¯tra & word by word emphasizing how to apply it’s messages in our daily lives. Along the way, we will explore foundational concepts of yoga and meditation as a topic, as a practice, and as a teaching to be embodied in each moment of each day.

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