Yoga and Psyche Conference

Public Programs and Performances WKS 103 1.00

The first academic conference in the Western world dedicated to the integration of yoga and Western psychology. We will engage in a passionate inquiry about what happens when yoga, as considered from its vast and original context including scripture, study, meditation, breath work, and physical postures, is integrated with Western psychological theory and clinical practice, including the breakthroughs in somatic psychology, trauma research, and neuroscience. Together we will explore the implications and applications of this new evolutionary possibility, as pioneering practitioners of these traditions gather together in dialogue, deep exchange, and community. Teachings, research, insights, and practices from these two vast and complementary traditions will be presented. Academic papers will be presented by esteemed doctors, clinicians, professors, yoga therapists, and cutting-edge researchers from around the world, demonstrating how yoga becomes more effective to the Western practitioner through the integration of psychology, and how psychological theory and methods benefit from the knowledge and practices of the yoga tradition.

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